Volpara®Enterprise™ Software

Adaptable analytics for operational improvement and performance monitoring

VolparaEnterprise is a cost-effective, mission-critical tool that helps your team perform at its very best, delivering the highest-quality breast imaging services to the women in your community. Based on Microsoft’s robust Azure data technology, VolparaEnterprise provides quick and easy ConstantQuality™ metrics and breast-specific key performance indicators (KPIs) through dynamic, interactive dashboards. VolparaEnterprise updates these KPIs instantly with every mammography or tomosynthesis exam.

ConstantQuality Metrics that Save Time and Money

Your Finger On the Pulse of Your Department

VolparaEnterprise is your window into your department’s operations:

  • Get updated ConstantQuality metrics every time a patient is imaged.
  • Inform key staff via email alerts triggered by configurable Metric Alarms.
  • Spend less time finding accreditation images.
  • Gain a clearer understanding of your patients’ characteristics and which doctors refer patients to you.
  • Implement an easy, objective, and proven way to triage women to supplemental screening.
  • Better assess equipment utilization, workflow, and the need for additional systems.

Get Prepared for the FDA’s EQUIP Initiative

The FDA has recently announced the Enhancing Quality Using the Inspection Program (EQUIP). The program requires facilities to implement a regular image quality review program.

VolparaEnterprise helps you do just that. It organizes your studies so you can rapidly find and fix image quality issues, and prepare more easily for inspections.

Understand Your Patients Better

VolparaEnterprise keeps you in touch with your patients. Because VolparaEnterprise software is rooted in Volpara’s core understanding of breast anatomy and imaging technologies, it can help you make sure that

  • Each woman receives the right, personalized screening procedures;
  • Fewer women will experience discomfort as a result of over-compression; and
  • Patient-specific x-ray dose is captured based on a woman’s own breast composition.

Ensure That Your Staff is Operating at Peak Performance

VolparaEnterprise software lets you monitor the workflow efficiency and work quality of your staff by measuring

  • How long it takes to acquire images;
  • How quickly patients are screened; and
  • How effectively technologists position patients.

The Power of Objective Quality Metrics

VolparaEnterprise helps you measure quality the right way:

  • Fully automated trending of metrics over time saves time and money for you and your staff.
  • Each imaging study has hundreds of data points tracked without the risk of human error.

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