Introducing VolparaDensity

The benchmark in breast density assessment.

VolparaDensity™ changes everything. Radiologists now have access to the software that has provided automated, objective density assessment for more than 20 million women across the United States and around the world.

"The assessment of breast density is not reliably reproducible"
– American College of Radiology, January 2013
The imaging scientists at Volpara Solutions developed VolparaDensity to help breast imaging centers:
  • Provide clinicians with confirmation that dense breasts truly are dense and that the sensitivity of mammography may be limited;
  • Be more consistent in recommending which women could benefit from supplemental screening such as ultrasound;
  • Have an objective assessment justifying for insurers the additional cost of ultrasound imaging for women with dense breasts;
  • Make radiologists aware of cases with extreme breast density in which the risk of developing cancer is higher; and
  • Reduce the need to reschedule the patient for supplemental screening by routing women immediately to ultrasound based on their VolparaDensity score.

The VolparaDensity algorithm is based on the volumes of tissue in the breast. Unlike when the radiologist looks at the images and estimates the area of density, Volpara looks deep inside the breast to appreciate the absorption of X-rays in the breast caused by fibroglandular tissue. As a result, Volpara is looking at the true tissue, not the shadow of the tissue.

"Radiologists can guestimate the percentage of breast tissue that is dense, but they are still using 2D information to assess a 3D phenomenon, and they cannot possibly be accurate in any absolute sense."
– Professor Dan Kopans, Radiology, v246, #2, Feb 2008

FDA Cleared

VolparaDensity is FDA-cleared to provide both volumetric breast density measurements and a breast density category, which has been shown to correlate to BI-RADS 4th and 5th Edition density categories, from most digital mammography vendors. It is easy to implement clinically, and quickly helps increase consistency and compliance with state laws while improving productivity and workflow.

VolparaDensity is used every day at clinical sites worldwide and has been validated in many peer-reviewed clinical studies at prestigious institutions.

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