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Clinical Decision Support

Volpara Risk

Volpara®Risk™ software features a patient questionnaire and Tyrer-Cuzick version 8 risk model module.* The model includes volumetric breast density percentage to calculate risk of developing breast cancer for each woman.

*Requires Aspen® Breast software


Volpara®Live!™ software provides technologists with real-time decision support at the point of care to assess image quality. The feedback helps technologists make timely decisions about whether to repeat an image, yielding improved mammographic quality, reduced technical recalls, improved technologist experience, and enhanced patient experience.



Volpara®Density™ software provides fast, objective assessment of a woman’s breast density from a mammogram from most x-ray vendors. It produces a patient Scorecard within two minutes of the last x-ray, enabling a discussion with the woman about her breast density while she is still in the center and, if necessary, additional imaging.

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Transpara™ is an AI application that helps radiologists focus on studies with the highest likelihood of breast cancer and improves detection accuracy with higher sensitivity and specificity. Volpara is the distributor for Transpara in the United States, parts of Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.


Volpara Scorecard+

Three patient risk insights in a single view, available to radiologists during mammography interpretation to personalize breast care.

Aspen Breast

Aspen Breast workflow software optimizes operations and administration for breast cancer screening programs and now offers a patient risk assessment letter for insurance preauthorizations.


Logo Volpara<sup>®</sup>Enterprise™ DDP

Volpara®Enterprise™ DDP software provide quick, automated assessment of every exam, producing a Volpara Scorecard that includes the VolparaDensity, Volpara®Dose™, and Volpara®Pressure™ clinical functions.



Practice and Enterprise Management


VolparaEnterprise software enables breast imaging providers to perform rapid quality control checks to optimize the productivity and efficiency of imaging resources, help reduce costs through the reduction of retakes, increase staff effectiveness, and provide objective evidence to demonstrate compliance and quality of care.

Aspen Breast

Aspen Breast workflow software provides patient analytics, tracking, and reporting.


Aspen Lung

Aspen® Lung workflow software optimizes operations and administration for lung screening programs.



Researching with Volpara

Logo Volpara Data Manager2

Volpara® Data Manager provides database and spreadsheet access to the density and acquisition parameters from breast imaging studies. It is an essential tool for researchers, capable of quickly analyzing tens of thousands of patients.