Medical Advisory Board

Medical Advisory Board


Monica Saini MD

Chief Medical Officer


Monica joined the VHT Board in 2018. She is an internationally recognised expert in breast cancer, especially breast density and breast cancer risk assessment.

Monica is a Doctor of Medicine and a prior BSc in nursing. She has had U.S. radiology training and an additional fellowship in women’s imaging. She has over 10 years of patient care experience and was the Chief of Breast Imaging at Santa Fe Imaging/Christus St Vincent Hospital in the southwestern U.S. from 2008 to 2016. She also served as the chairman for the Christus St Vincent Cancer Committee.

In 2015, she became a medical advisor for GE Healthcare and consultant for ProScan Imaging, as well as research advisor for World Care Clinical. By 2016, she was appointed Medical Director of Automated Breast Ultrasound Systems, GE Healthcare. Globally, she worked on early detection of breast cancer, breast cancer research, and international physician education for breast imaging technologies.

Monica relocated to New Zealand in 2017 and started as a consultant for VHT where she implements hands-on expertise in product development, research, and customer relations. She also evaluates patients as a lead radiologist at Hutt Valley District Health Board in Wellington.

Winifred Leung

Winifred Leung, MD

Dr Leung is the Medical Director at Santa Barbara Women's Imaging Center. Dr. Leung specializes in all aspects of breast imaging and intervention with a particular interest in breast MRI and providing state-of-the-art health care to women.


Dr Mary Rickard

Dr Rickard received a Member of the Order of Australia award in 2002, for service to medicine through the integration of population-based screening for early detection of breast cancer, and the development of education programs for health professionals. Dr Rickard has been involved in consulting with numerous breast screening and diagnostic training programs across South East Asia, in particular Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and most recently Mongolia.

Joseph Russo

Joseph P. Russo, MD

Dr Russo is the Section Chief for Mammography at St. Luke’s University Health Network. Currently his special interest is the development of screening algorithms personalized to risk and breast density.

Bruce Schroeder

Dr Bruce Schroeder

Dr Schroeder, Greenville, North Carolina, is a leading breast imaging specialist and entrepreneur, constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries with new technology so that women receive the best healthcare possible.

Athina Vourtsi

Athina Vourtsi, MD, PhD

Dr Vourtsi is a radiologist at Diagnostic Mammography in Greece and General Secretary and Founding President of Hellenic Breast Imaging Society. She strongly supports breast cancer awareness in Greece which has included voluntary work and giving lectures on the prevention of breast cancer throughout the country.


Dr Kiyoshi Namba

Dr Namba is Director of the Breast Cancer Center at Hokuto Healthcare Group in Japan. He is a practising surgeon who also advises on optimal breast healthcare system setups and works on the advisory board of several major companies.