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We need to reframe the density conversation

Breast density is a hot topic in Australia right now, as it should be—international research has shown that women with dense breasts have a significant increase in the risk of...


Customer Success is Transformative—Our Transition to SaaS

When Volpara Health Technologies first commenced operations, we were a traditional medical device company—we built software products, sold them and then went back to the purchaser when we had something...


Customer Testimony - Imaging Associates

In this video, Imaging Associates Radiologist and Clinical Director Dr Daniel Lee discusses the positive impact of VolparaEnterprise on the group’s radiology and imaging services.


Introducing Dr Monica Saini, Volpara’s Consultant Diagnostic Radiologist

Cancer is the ultimate egalitarian, anyone is susceptible. This makes it the most fascinating of subjects.

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103rd annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America

Two weeks ago, about 50 000 attendees descended on Chicago for the biggest medical imaging meeting in the world—the 103rd annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA 2017).

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Breast density notification—Australia's turn?

Associate Professor Gelareh Farshid, of BreastScreen South Australia has released a perspective supporting routine reporting of breast density in the Australian breast screening program.

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Breast compression calculation—getting the basics right

Good breast compression is integral during mammography. Sufficient compression is needed to separate internal breast structures, minimize patient motion and reduce the thickness of the breast (thus increasing image contrast...

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Breast compression pressure affects performance of breast screening program

Compression pressure is related to screening performance, after controlling for breast density and volume


VHT Year in Review

In this interview, Dr Ralph Highnam, CEO provides his perspective on the year that was, including updates on progress and sets out targets for the year ahead.

Volpara RSNA2017

Record leads and a first peek at new products, Volpara at RSNA 2017

Each year, the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) hosts its annual meeting in Chicago directly after Thanksgiving (end November).

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