Screening performance metrics

VolparaAnalytics provides a centralized dashboard of key performance indicators and mammography metrics, supporting breast imaging centers that aim to deliver the highest-quality screening services to women.

VolparaAnalytics works by automatically collating data from digital mammography and tomosynthesis systems to enable cross-comparison of patient populations and the performance of x-ray systems and technologists. By using the unique quantitative information provided by the Volpara Solutions suite of tools, breast imaging centers can improve quality assurance, improve resource planning, and better understand the population they serve.

Comparative analyses allow you to view data by x-ray unit, operator, referring physician, or for the site as a whole. They help you quickly spot inconsistencies that can indicate opportunities for quality improvements. VolparaAnalytics software is web-based, so it’s quick and easy to connect to an affiliated site to review their data, too.

VolparaAnalytics is designed to scale: it can work in a center with one mammography unit or 10. VolparaAnalytics:

  • works with all major digital mammography and tomosynthesis systems;
  • supports extremely high patient volumes with ease;
  • provides patient breast habitus information to add new context to the data; and
  • helps monitor key metrics over time to discover trends that are otherwise hidden.

Access key quality data with volumetric context

VolparaAnalytics leverages the results from VolparaDensity and VolparaDoseRT software packages, placing new mission-critical performance data at your fingertips. Understanding the patient population better because of this new data places key acquisition parameters such as patient-specific mammography dose, paddle tilt, compression force, pressure applied, and other quality metrics in a new context. VolparaAnalytics makes that critical data actionable.

Temporal analysis reporting

VolparaAnalytics gives you a variety of ways to look at critical imaging parameters over time. This type of temporal analysis, filtered by x-ray system, operator, or even referring physician, helps you understand what’s happening to the women you serve. That understanding is essential for your imaging practice to provide the best service possible.

Success Story: VolparaAnalytics in Action
Early in 2016, Volpara was asked to investigate a clinical site where clinicians felt the radiation dose reported was too high. Volpara located a site in another country that had the same type of x-ray machine and a very similar population (same age distribution, average breast volume, and average volumetric breast density), and found that in fact the concerned site was experiencing x-ray doses twice as high as their peer. In the end it was discovered that a setting on the x-ray system was wrong. Problem solved, thanks to VolparaAnalytics software!

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