Medical Advisory Board

Medical Advisory Board


Professor Jennifer Harvey

Professor Harvey, University of Virginia, is a practising breast radiologist and an expert in the evaluation of breast density and breast cancer risk analysis.


Dr Bruce Schroeder

Dr Schroeder, Greenville, North Carolina, is a leading breast imaging specialist and entrepreneur, constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries with new technology so that women receive the best healthcare possible.


Professor Ard den Heeten

Professor den Heeten is recently retired Director of the Dutch National Expert and Training Centre for Breast Cancer Screening. He continues to work at the Amsterdam Medical Center while remaining involved in entrepreneurial activities with small companies in the radiology space.


Dr Kiyoshi Namba

Dr Namba is Director of the Breast Cancer Center at Hokuto Healthcare Group in Japan. He is a practising surgeon who also advises on optimal breast healthcare system setups and works on the advisory board of several major companies.